Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Miss Jakarta

hellow guys, as you know, i'm at Bali for my internship now. and ugh, i feel so bored here. don't know why. when people always have fun at Bali and said Bali is Paradise, i feel so ugh, freaking bored. Maybe it's because i come here for work, not for holiday and having fun. but still, i feel like i wanna go back to my capital city, Jakarta. Where all my friends are.

Well, i do have friends here. my working friends. but, they're much older than me, also they have their own family. while i'm still 20 and still wanna have fun, they already think about their future, etc. i can't ask them to join me to Sky Garden, you know, the hottest clubbing at Kuta, Bali. all of them are mothers or fathers. I can't ask them to join me right?

I really wish my friends are here. oh, please!!! and i miss my boarding room also. my bathroom, my bed, my stuff, my books, my dool, arrrgghhhh!!!! i miss them all!! take me back please!!!

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