Saturday, September 27, 2014

Muka Emoji

Hai teman - temansssss

as you know, belakangan ini di instagram lagi ramai" nya nge post foto pake app Muka Emoji right?
dan karena gua juga termasuk salah satu yg kepo dan pengen juga ikutan, akhir nya gua juga bikin muka emoji deh

Mirip ga muka gua sama emoji nya? nyehehe.

oh, and buat teman - teman yang mau pake app ini dan ga tau cara nya, langsung aja buka playstore (berhubung hp gua android) and langsung download instamoji, and voila, foto - foto deh sambil ngikutin muka-muka emoji yang cute" ini  >.<

English and Indonesian (Bahasa)

hello guys, as you know, i am Indonesian and still living in Indonesia. oh, and i'm still learning on how to improve my English, and i also use this blog to learn how to use English language fluently. i want to apologize if sometimes i'm using the wrong grammar or vocabulary, because sometimes it still hard for me to translate it fluently.

Sometimes i also gonna write in Bahasa because there's something that i can't  translate to English. if you don't understand what i wrote about in Bahasa, you can leave comment on my article and i'll try to translate it for you.

Actually, i just want to inform you this. Thank you for reading my blog guys. oh, and let me put my selfie this time, nyehehe


Captain Cook

hi guys,

this time, i'm gonna write about Captain Cook on Once Upon A Time series, and i almost finished season 3. hooray!!!!

and this season 3 stories is about Peter Pan and Neverland. as you know, Neverland include Peter Pan, The Lost Boys, TinkerBell, and also Captain Hook.

Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Cook

Look at picture above, i never imagine that Captain Hook would be so hot. damn!!! he really melt me. i'm falling in love with this captain Hook because of his gently, kind, and humanity, eventho he's an antagonist, yet he still have his good side. and his smirk, oh gosh. feel like i'm flying. 

as Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time 

Still handsome without his eyeliner on

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Once Upon A Time

hi guys, currently addicted to this tv series

i'm watching season 2 now. and all i can say is, this tv series is amazing. i love the way they collage between fairytale and modern life. and also, i love the character, especially prince charming a.k.a David. he's so so so handsome. just like his name. i also love the main character, Emma Swan. she's David Nolan and Mary Margareth a.k.a Snow White daughter. and there's Henry too, Emma's son. also, don't forget the evil queen. all of their cast are so beautiful and handsome. and i just want to inform, this series is worth it. it's so damn good and i love all their cast.

oh, and just want you know, Josh Dallas as prince charming and Ginnifer Goodwin as snow white are married in real life, and they already has a baby. this is like the fairytale really come true isn't it? it's just so sweet!!!

Snow White and Prince Charming


hi guys, i'm playing now. do you know what is? it's an application where you can ask about anything and i can answer your question randomly. well, this application can cure me from my boredom because some anonymous always ask about stupid and ridiculous things. you guys should try it too. oh, and you can find me on :

ps : you can ask me anything :D


Hola again my blog and viewers

long time since i touch my blog. This time, i want to write about my holiday at Bali last month. well, not a fulltime holiday, cause i still have to work and did my internship there. 

well, as i told you before, i did my internship at Kuta Central Park Hotel, Bali and i don't need to told you about Bali again right? i guess all of you know where Bali is. Still part of Indonesia of course.

and now, enjoy my holiday photos guys, oh, and please. no jealousy, kay? *i'm kidding :D

Family Selfie at GWK Cultural Park. do we look alike?

Mom and Dad with the famous Wisnu Statue at GWK

Kuta Beach with my sister and Healthy Chen

Afternoon walk with my cutie puppy

Beach view from my glasses

with Yuki and sis.

With Uncle George and Aunt Eleanor

With my internship team

They're the craziest and kind, sorry, i forgot your name guys

Making new Friends with Filipinos, my right side is Francil and her mom

He always call me boss. lol

The tallest one i've ever been with

i do forget his name, if i'm not mistaken it's Tod, oh and he's so handsome

My next door friends, his name is Agus and he has so many tattoos and he's deaf and mute too. but he's a good guy

me with mom, sister, and Mr Rodney Lavater, he's the co-founder of The Esther Foundation at Australia

This guy is so so clean and he also kind

They said, this statue eyes can follow you when you're around it, and it's true. i try it by myself tho.