Friday, August 30, 2013

I want a Tattoo

hello bloggers, can i just scream that i want a TATTOO so badly!! want it till i feel jealous to see a girl with a cute tattoo on her body. damn, i really want it, but fyi, i'm so afraid of hypodermic needle. hiks T_T

why i want a tattoo? well, for me, it's cute and i'd have a quote tattoo or a mini one. not the big one. the cute one. but, well, my father won't let me have one while he has a dragon tattoo at his body.hey dad, why can you has that tattoo and you won't let me have one? just a tiny cute little tattoo. i don't even want a tattoo over my body. just a little bit. like this :

they look so cute isn't it? oh daddy, please let me have one. and well, believe it or not, i'm gonna have one. must must must. i desperately want to has a tattoo since when i'm at high school, but again, school rules, guys. and now after i went to college and no rules about tattoo, i'm gonna have one. i just need to improve my courage to face the pain and the hypodermic needle. wish i can have one soon.

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