Sunday, June 30, 2013


first of all, i want to inform that i'm at my hometown now. hometown!!!!! with family around me. couldn't be happy more. this is the third day i'm at my hometown actually. this is the first time i open my laptop since i'm back to my hometown. FYI, my laptop has its own  name too. it's AZZY. why i named it like that ? cause my laptop brand is ASUS and it sounds weird if i named it ASSY isn't it ? so i change it into AZZY.

well, back to my hometown story, i had sushi as my dinner, 2 nights in a row. oke mom, just because i'm a big fan of sushi, doesn't mean sushi for 2 nights in a row too. haha. happy? of course. why not ?
first, i can eat my favorite sushi A LOT!! one thing that i never eat at Jakarta cause the price is so ugh, expensive. i can't afford it with my pocket money, well, actually i can, but yeah, seems like i can't let my money go with that. haha, reckon in the money that i can use to buy 3 or 4 times food at food stall. hard choice isn't it. that's why, when i back to my hometown, my first target is SUSHI!!

anyway, i've cough now, and sore throat. argh, don't know where all of this comes from. and now i lost my voice and hardly can speak. i just use some sign language or writing to let them know what i want to say and what i want to do. huft, kinda disturbing, not kinda anymore, but REALLY REALLY DISTURBING!! guess you all know how it feels when you can't talk and just write and use sign language to communicate with others.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cemara Come To Stay Overnight At My Place

hOla, yesterday, 26 Jue 2013, Cemara or let's just call her Cem", from my The Bacots friends, come to stay overnight at mine. she said, she feel lonely living at her boarding house alone, and because i'm a good and kind hearted person, ehem... i welcome her, with great pleasure. haha

so, here we are, laughing at each others, midnight snack, late dinner, early breakfast, chatting everywhere, talking everywhere, sleep like a pig, snoring and so much more, but we do have so much fun. we also play online games together, like, we're sitting together, side to side, with our own laptop, and play that games, stupid enough huh, while we're together and what we do are playing online games, but luckily we just play that for about 15 minutes. and after that, we start to talk to each other again and the craziness begin.

i had my late dinner at Pisang Ijo, near my boarding house. this bistro specialization is their Es Pisang Ijo. Es Pisang Ijo is a banana who covered with green layer, which i don't really know what is it, and it surrounded by ice with santan and a little bit strawberry sauce. that's the dessert i ate actually, my main course is Spaghetti Bolognaise and it's nyummy. oh my God, just thinking about it already make my stomach growls.

Here's the photo :

Es Pisang Ijo

Spaghetti Bolognaise

after dinner, we went to my boarding house and the rest is like what i said, the craziness begin.
we did took some photos too ^^

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

For Your Information

Hello guys, ladies and gentleman, to anyone who read my blog, i just want you to know...
My name is Rosabel Andini. My family name is Chandra or Chen in Chinese. that's why i use Rosabel Chen. don't get confuse with that. i'm Asian, and for more specific, i am Indonesian. Indonesia is a country where Bali located. why i use Bali ? cause most people don't know where is Indonesia. so, i'd like to tell you where it is :)

The red mark one is Indonesia, above Australia 

In Indonesia, we speak Indonesian language. Indonesian language almost like Melayu at Malaysia. sometimes i use Indonesian to write at my Blog and sometimes i use English. so, please understand if my English isn't very good. I'm still learning English and hope i can speak English fluently.

For more specific, i was born at Medan, North Sumatra. and now i live at Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. i move to capital city because i studying at Jakarta now. i enter college at Jakarta cause i think that capital city is more available for job vacany, and my target is to work at foreign company, that's why i thought my chance is bigger if i was at capital city.

oh and, i'm Chinese. it means that my ancestor was from China and they move to Indonesia. why did they move here? well, i don't know. maybe i should read my history book again. haha.

okay, maybe that's the information i want you guys to know bout me.
i'll write another information again if you need to know other things.
thanks for reading.

The Bacots

Hola, kali ini saya ingin menulis tentang teman-teman saya yang di kampus, yang biasa dipanggil sebagai The Bacots. sebenarnya kita ini bukan geng cuma sekumpulan anak-anak perantauan yang galau, gila, tukang makan, tukang di PHP, dan banyak banget deh yang aneh-aneh. maaf ya, tidak bisa menuliskan terlalu rinci, keburu capek ni tangan. haha

Anggota The Bacots terdiri dari saya sendiri pastinya, Yohanna Chen, Cemara Setiani Telaumbanua, Ficca Marsella, Megasilvia, Flavita Silka Angela, Devi Natalia Denna, Evi Nonavi, Mustika Firda dan ada 1 lagi sebenarnya, tapi dia sudah keluar dari The Bacots karena suatu insiden, yah, itu privacy ya insidennya, hehe, yaitu Della Puspitasari. masing-masing The Bacots punya nama panggilan dajn keahlian masing-masing lo. Berikut ni saya kasih ya, nama panggilan, serta keahliannya, berikut photo - photonya :

1. Yohanna Chen a.ka. Mami Bacots atau Yoyoh

Spesialisasi : mendamaikan suasana, jarang bete, paling kaya lo *cling cling


2. Cemara Setiani Telaumbanua a.k.a Cemara atau Cem"

Spesialisasi : makan, ngomel, cermah, ketawanya wow, nyanyi, klo ngoong suaranya gede broo

3. Ficca Marsella a.k.a Kakak Tiri, Fikah, Pikachu, Fikachu

Spesialisasi : makan, ngomel, suaranya serak, galak, ngeri oii

4. Megasilvia a.k.a Megah atau Meg

Spesialisasi : karate, lemot, hitam, panikan, selalu ada yang basah. hihi

5. Flavita Silka Angela a.k.a Fla

Spesialisasi : selalu di PHP, upss, manja, ribet

6. Devi Natalia Denna a.k.a Abang

Spesialisasi : bawel, suaranya cempreng, santai, ga mau tau, cuek

7. Evi Nonavi a.k.a Evi

Spesialisasi : selalu galau, agak ribet


8. Mustika Firda a.k.a Tika

Spesialisasi : Sensitif, Full Color, Mukanya Jutek, sifatnya random, suka sensi sendiri kadang

9. Saya sendiri, Rosabel Andini a.k.a RosCen, Ocen, Belle, Cen

Spesialisasi : cerewet, tukang makan, tukang tidur, selalu santai, kata Cemara, gua ga tau diri,ngerepotin :(

10. Della Puspitasari a.k.a Della ( ex The Bacots)

Spesialisasi : suka foto dan fotoin, lain-lainnya saya sudah lupa, Cemara juga lupa katanya :D

nah, ini nih anggota-anggota The Bacots berikut exnya. oia, gua juga bakal sering- sering ni posting The Bacots karena banyak yang bisa di posting dan di share, serta cerita-cerita lucu, aneh, kocak, goki, jayus, dan lain lain lain dan lain.

Postingan ini dibantu oleh Cemara Setiani Telaumbanua a.k.a Cemara. bantuan darinya berupa tambahan komen-komen tentang spesialisasi The Bacots. makasi ya Cem ^^

Camp 203

Hola my friends, like i said before, i'm from Medan and FYI, all of my family stay there. well, i used to have my aunty here, at Jakarta, the city that i live at now. But my aunty just move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because of her job. so, here i am. at boarding home, without family at this town. so, i'm officially alone.

well, first, i admit that i miss my hometown, my family, my friends, my pet, my home, A LOT!!! i never live alone before and now here i am, alone at this capital city of Indonesia. but i must admit that i learn so much here, start from mopping my own room, sweeping, washing my dress by myself, yah, many more. haha

i already live alone for 2 years since 2011 when i start my college at Universitas Tarumanagara (Untar). and so do the boarding house that i live in. don't know why but people keep call this house as Camp 203, maybe it's because the Wi-Fi name is Camp 203. LoL. i really grateful to God that i can live at this house. this is a warm house with many type of people but all of they are good. almost all. haha. this is mix boarding house which means lived by boy and girl. ad we're all friends here. we also like to do some craziness together or hangout together.

I thought i never wanna move from this boarding house if my brother-brother a.k.a my bros, that's what i call them, move away from this house.

Here are some photos of us and our craziness :

Me with Ci Ike, Ko Jamed, and ko Yeye (who wear the devil hairband)

Me with Ko Jamed and Ci Virlia

This is what we do when our boarding house friends have their birthday

Me with ko Yeye and Ko Abe (the one who wear mask)

me with Ko Yeye and Ko Abe

FYI, the name i used is just their nickname. i hardly remember their full name honestly :P

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gossip Girl

haloha, belakangan ini gua lagi tertarik banget nonton serial tv Gossip Girl, yah walaupun mulainya dari season 5 tapi cukup bagus lo, sepertinya gua bakal mencari dari season 1 deh. soal nya ya, menurut saya bagus si filmnya, fashion nya juga keren-keren + pemainnya ganteng - ganteng dan cantik lagi. sekarang si saya sedang nonton sampai episode 10, ketika Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) bakal menikah dengan Prince Louis of Monaco (Hugo Becker) . tapi yang pasti aku benar-benar tertarik kepada pemeran Chuck Bass ( Ed Westwick). ya ampun, for me, he is the most eligible bachelor banget after Logan Lerman ku tercinta ya of course. soalnya gimana ya Chuck Bass itu digambarkan orangnya kalem dan tipe-tipe bad boy gitu. dari title bad boy nya saja sudah membuat orang suka, ditambah lagi dengan wajah gantengnya dan menurutku suara Chuck Bass itu seksi abis dah. serak-serak basah gitu.

Berikut photo-photo Gossip Girl :

Gossip Girl season 5 DVD packaging
 Para Pemain :

Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf

Penn Badgley as Dan Humprey

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass
Hugo Becker as Prince Louis of Monaco

Kaylee Defer as Charlie Rhodes or Ivy Dickens

Roxane Mesquida as Princess Beatrice of Monaco
Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald

Brian J. Smith as Max ( Ivy's ex)
Elizabeth Hurley as Diana Payne

Meet Ono Eriko Sensei

hay all, di postingan kali ini aku pengen cerita ni, klo gua ketemu sama Ono Eriko Sensei lo. komikus Hai Miiko, pengarangnya. apalagi ya ? kek nya itu aja deh ya, pengarang dan komikus sama deh ya. haha.

Ceritanya gini ni, pas hari Minggu tanggal 23 Juni 2013, saya ke gereja saya yang letaknya di Central Park Mall, well, sebenar nya depannya Central Park si, nama nya Tribeca, tapi behubung biasanya saya sama-samain aja, ya jadinya Central Park aja ya bilangnya. haha

Seperti biasa, gereja dimulai jam 1 dan selesai jam 3. siang ya, bukan pagi. selesai gereja, saya janjian unuk bertemu dengan teman saya, Alfa, di gramedia yang ada di Central Park. ketika saya menunggu nunggu, seperti biasa, saya suka nongkrong di gramedia, karena bisa baca-baca buku gratis. hihi. sambilan menunggu dan membaca, saya mendengar seperti ada mc dan acara gitu. karena penasaran ya saya pergi ke sana dan lihat ada apa. eh, ternyata ada acara Meet & Greet with Ono Eriko sensei. wih~ saya langsung senang banget dan langsung excited buat ngelihat. secara saya juga penggemar komik-komik karangan dia si. karena datang belakangan, sudah pasti saya hanya bisa lihat sedikit-sedikit. tapi itu saja juga uda puas si.

Berikut photo Ono Eriko yang bisa ku ambil. cuma 1 aja si. hehe, maaf ya klo photonya agak buram, soal nya perjuangan juga ngambilnya mengingat desakan-desakan orang-orang sekitar ditambah lagi kedorong sana sini.

Yang di tengah itu Ono Eriko sensei

nah, ini photo komik-komik karangan Ono Eriko

hai miiko, dan kumpulan cerita terbaik Miiko

senang banget si bisa ketemu sama Ono Eriko sensei. ga nyangka aja bisa ketemu aslinya dan cukup bahagia untuk bilang i'm so lucky and thanks God. soalnya, ga mungkin bisa ketemu Ono Eriko kalau saya tidak ke gereja.

I met this stranger that i miss a lot

Hi, you see that guy at this photo ? well, i miss this guy a lot and lot. haha. i really wish i can see him again. What i know about him is just his name is Cameron. Just that :)

First of all, i want you to know that i'm a Western Freak. don't know why but i found that i really love everything about Western, the people, the country, everything. well, not all, but almost everything. and my dream is to move and live at Western country and have Western husband. hihi. i always pray to God to make this wish come true. Always :)

now, i'll write about this guy, how i met him and other things that i remember bout him.

well, on 25th December 2012, i went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with my family. we decided to go to Malaysia to spent our holiday time there, plus to visit my aunty. we arrived there about 11 PM if i'm not wrong and yah, we were there till 7th January 2013. we also went to Penang, Hat Yai, Thailand and some places.

I met this guy on 1st January 2013, when we celebrate the New Year at Publica. it's a place like mall with their wide garden and honestly, i just spent it like usual, fireworks, yelling and shout WELCOME 2013, HAPPY NEW YEAR, laugh with strangers, and few other things.  then, i saw there's Malaysian artist, which i don't know who they are. they come and sing with us, and people right there start to move their body and dancing like crazy, including me. haha.

I was with my mom, dad, and my little sister when i saw this cute guy. i told my mom that guy was cute and my mommy smile and said yeah, he is. Then i saw him coming, more and more near to me. i just feel like my heart is dag dig dug. and i didn't realize that he's beside me. oh my God. can you believe it ? how do you feel when your crush standing right next to you.

Then i look at him, and you won't believe me. he's looking at me too. then we smile. and i keep dancing, thought that he won't said a word to me. but then, he just snudge me with his elbow, 3 times. haha. first, i thought he's intuitively snudge me, so i just smile and move, same as the second time. the  the third time, he's talking with me with his eyes. he want to invite me to dancing with him. i smile and nod my head and we go to the front row.

i remember that song when we're dancing, it's Oppa Gangnam Style remix with others music, and you know, we just dancing like crazy. then, he ask my name and told me his. i'm so happy to know him, and the trouble come. there's a drunk old man, come to me, ask me to accompany him. gosh! what the hell did he thought about ? and i went away from that old man, and go to my daddy's place. then i saw that old man talked to Cameron and after that, Cameron asked me to go away from that old man. of course i'll. that old man was drunk and eww, gross.

My daddy saw that and he asked me to went home, because of that accident. he didn't want me to meet drunk guy like that old man again and that's my fault for not asking Cameron his email or other to keep in touch with him. i just said goodbye to him and told him that my daddy already call me to went home. and he smile and said, see you again. i still remember that voice, when he didn't say GOODBYE instead of SEE YOU AGAIN. i really hope i can meet him again :)


Berikut saya berikan beberapa foto keluarga saya dan lain-lain nya yang menurutku bagus dan menarik. check this out :

Foto bersama papa, mama, dan adik perempuan ku (Christabel) ketika berjalan-jalan ke Fraser's Hill di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Foto papa dan mama saya ketika berwisata, ganteng dan cantik ya. hihihi

Foto anjing kesayanganku, Healthy Chen. Chen itu nama marga saya, dan karena ia termasuk keluarga, maka saya tambahkan Chen di belakang namanya. haha

This is me, with my little sister (Christabel)  


Hai, perkenalan dulu ya.hehe.
maaf perkenalan nya baru sekarang, mulai sekarang aku akan lebih sering menulis di blog.
hitung-hitung untuk pelatihan agar bisa jadi penulis kali ya.
Mungkin biodata ku sudah ada di profil, tapi gapapa deh ya klo saya perkenalan lagi

Biodata : 

Name : Rosabel Andini
Age    : 19 years old (now) you can count itself, i was born on 1994

i'm from Medan dan sedang tinggal di Jakarta sekarang, karena saya berkuliah di kota ini, Ibukota Indonesia. Saya kuliah di Universitas Tarumanagara dan mengambil Ilmu Komunikasi. Saya sekarang sedang mengambil konsentrasi mata kuliah PR (Public Relation). well, kenapa seaya memilih PR ? karena menurut ku, PR itu menyenangkan, kita bisa bertemu dengan banyak orang dan menjalin hubungan yang baik dengan sesama. Untuk alamat tinggal itu privacy ya. tidak bisa kuberitahukan, haha.

Oia, saya penyuka warna netral, seperti hitam, putih, dan abu abu. tapi saya lebih prefer ke Black & White sebenar nya. Aku juga suka dengan warna merah, tidak tahu kenapa, rasanya suka saja. Mungkin saya punya chemistry yang kuat ya dengan warna itu. hem.

Sebelumnya, saya ingin beritahu dulu, kalau blog saya jarang menggunakan bahasa baku. bahasa yang saya gunakan adalah bahasa saya sendiri. Jika ada yang tidak dimengerti bisa langsung bertanya saja.

Lanjut ya ke perkenalan diri saya, saya punya seorang ayah, ibu, adik perempuan, kakek nenek, tante-tane, banyak deh dan tidak bisa saya sebutkan satu persatu. keburu klepek-klepek tangan saya nulisnya. aku juga mempunyai 3 ekor anjing. 2 jantan dan 1 betina. FYI, aku ini animal lovers lo. kecuali serangga ya. ga sanggup buat suka sama serangga. Perkenalan nya segini dulu ya. Nanti kalau ada yang lain bakal aku tulis-tulis lagi di blog ya. XOXO