Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Camp 203

Hola my friends, like i said before, i'm from Medan and FYI, all of my family stay there. well, i used to have my aunty here, at Jakarta, the city that i live at now. But my aunty just move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because of her job. so, here i am. at boarding home, without family at this town. so, i'm officially alone.

well, first, i admit that i miss my hometown, my family, my friends, my pet, my home, A LOT!!! i never live alone before and now here i am, alone at this capital city of Indonesia. but i must admit that i learn so much here, start from mopping my own room, sweeping, washing my dress by myself, yah, many more. haha

i already live alone for 2 years since 2011 when i start my college at Universitas Tarumanagara (Untar). and so do the boarding house that i live in. don't know why but people keep call this house as Camp 203, maybe it's because the Wi-Fi name is Camp 203. LoL. i really grateful to God that i can live at this house. this is a warm house with many type of people but all of they are good. almost all. haha. this is mix boarding house which means lived by boy and girl. ad we're all friends here. we also like to do some craziness together or hangout together.

I thought i never wanna move from this boarding house if my brother-brother a.k.a my bros, that's what i call them, move away from this house.

Here are some photos of us and our craziness :

Me with Ci Ike, Ko Jamed, and ko Yeye (who wear the devil hairband)

Me with Ko Jamed and Ci Virlia

This is what we do when our boarding house friends have their birthday

Me with ko Yeye and Ko Abe (the one who wear mask)

me with Ko Yeye and Ko Abe

FYI, the name i used is just their nickname. i hardly remember their full name honestly :P

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