Sunday, June 30, 2013


first of all, i want to inform that i'm at my hometown now. hometown!!!!! with family around me. couldn't be happy more. this is the third day i'm at my hometown actually. this is the first time i open my laptop since i'm back to my hometown. FYI, my laptop has its own  name too. it's AZZY. why i named it like that ? cause my laptop brand is ASUS and it sounds weird if i named it ASSY isn't it ? so i change it into AZZY.

well, back to my hometown story, i had sushi as my dinner, 2 nights in a row. oke mom, just because i'm a big fan of sushi, doesn't mean sushi for 2 nights in a row too. haha. happy? of course. why not ?
first, i can eat my favorite sushi A LOT!! one thing that i never eat at Jakarta cause the price is so ugh, expensive. i can't afford it with my pocket money, well, actually i can, but yeah, seems like i can't let my money go with that. haha, reckon in the money that i can use to buy 3 or 4 times food at food stall. hard choice isn't it. that's why, when i back to my hometown, my first target is SUSHI!!

anyway, i've cough now, and sore throat. argh, don't know where all of this comes from. and now i lost my voice and hardly can speak. i just use some sign language or writing to let them know what i want to say and what i want to do. huft, kinda disturbing, not kinda anymore, but REALLY REALLY DISTURBING!! guess you all know how it feels when you can't talk and just write and use sign language to communicate with others.


  1. Is nice when we can back to our home town ^^
    Well, drink more water to deal with you sore throat..
    Maybe it is the effect from too excited from back to home town and eat alot of delicious food at there..

  2. haha, thanks anon and i've my voice back already :D

  3. Wow!
    That's good.
    Stay healthty.