Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cemara Come To Stay Overnight At My Place

hOla, yesterday, 26 Jue 2013, Cemara or let's just call her Cem", from my The Bacots friends, come to stay overnight at mine. she said, she feel lonely living at her boarding house alone, and because i'm a good and kind hearted person, ehem... i welcome her, with great pleasure. haha

so, here we are, laughing at each others, midnight snack, late dinner, early breakfast, chatting everywhere, talking everywhere, sleep like a pig, snoring and so much more, but we do have so much fun. we also play online games together, like, we're sitting together, side to side, with our own laptop, and play that games, stupid enough huh, while we're together and what we do are playing online games, but luckily we just play that for about 15 minutes. and after that, we start to talk to each other again and the craziness begin.

i had my late dinner at Pisang Ijo, near my boarding house. this bistro specialization is their Es Pisang Ijo. Es Pisang Ijo is a banana who covered with green layer, which i don't really know what is it, and it surrounded by ice with santan and a little bit strawberry sauce. that's the dessert i ate actually, my main course is Spaghetti Bolognaise and it's nyummy. oh my God, just thinking about it already make my stomach growls.

Here's the photo :

Es Pisang Ijo

Spaghetti Bolognaise

after dinner, we went to my boarding house and the rest is like what i said, the craziness begin.
we did took some photos too ^^

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