Wednesday, June 26, 2013

For Your Information

Hello guys, ladies and gentleman, to anyone who read my blog, i just want you to know...
My name is Rosabel Andini. My family name is Chandra or Chen in Chinese. that's why i use Rosabel Chen. don't get confuse with that. i'm Asian, and for more specific, i am Indonesian. Indonesia is a country where Bali located. why i use Bali ? cause most people don't know where is Indonesia. so, i'd like to tell you where it is :)

The red mark one is Indonesia, above Australia 

In Indonesia, we speak Indonesian language. Indonesian language almost like Melayu at Malaysia. sometimes i use Indonesian to write at my Blog and sometimes i use English. so, please understand if my English isn't very good. I'm still learning English and hope i can speak English fluently.

For more specific, i was born at Medan, North Sumatra. and now i live at Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. i move to capital city because i studying at Jakarta now. i enter college at Jakarta cause i think that capital city is more available for job vacany, and my target is to work at foreign company, that's why i thought my chance is bigger if i was at capital city.

oh and, i'm Chinese. it means that my ancestor was from China and they move to Indonesia. why did they move here? well, i don't know. maybe i should read my history book again. haha.

okay, maybe that's the information i want you guys to know bout me.
i'll write another information again if you need to know other things.
thanks for reading.

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