Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I met this stranger that i miss a lot

Hi, you see that guy at this photo ? well, i miss this guy a lot and lot. haha. i really wish i can see him again. What i know about him is just his name is Cameron. Just that :)

First of all, i want you to know that i'm a Western Freak. don't know why but i found that i really love everything about Western, the people, the country, everything. well, not all, but almost everything. and my dream is to move and live at Western country and have Western husband. hihi. i always pray to God to make this wish come true. Always :)

now, i'll write about this guy, how i met him and other things that i remember bout him.

well, on 25th December 2012, i went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with my family. we decided to go to Malaysia to spent our holiday time there, plus to visit my aunty. we arrived there about 11 PM if i'm not wrong and yah, we were there till 7th January 2013. we also went to Penang, Hat Yai, Thailand and some places.

I met this guy on 1st January 2013, when we celebrate the New Year at Publica. it's a place like mall with their wide garden and honestly, i just spent it like usual, fireworks, yelling and shout WELCOME 2013, HAPPY NEW YEAR, laugh with strangers, and few other things.  then, i saw there's Malaysian artist, which i don't know who they are. they come and sing with us, and people right there start to move their body and dancing like crazy, including me. haha.

I was with my mom, dad, and my little sister when i saw this cute guy. i told my mom that guy was cute and my mommy smile and said yeah, he is. Then i saw him coming, more and more near to me. i just feel like my heart is dag dig dug. and i didn't realize that he's beside me. oh my God. can you believe it ? how do you feel when your crush standing right next to you.

Then i look at him, and you won't believe me. he's looking at me too. then we smile. and i keep dancing, thought that he won't said a word to me. but then, he just snudge me with his elbow, 3 times. haha. first, i thought he's intuitively snudge me, so i just smile and move, same as the second time. the  the third time, he's talking with me with his eyes. he want to invite me to dancing with him. i smile and nod my head and we go to the front row.

i remember that song when we're dancing, it's Oppa Gangnam Style remix with others music, and you know, we just dancing like crazy. then, he ask my name and told me his. i'm so happy to know him, and the trouble come. there's a drunk old man, come to me, ask me to accompany him. gosh! what the hell did he thought about ? and i went away from that old man, and go to my daddy's place. then i saw that old man talked to Cameron and after that, Cameron asked me to go away from that old man. of course i'll. that old man was drunk and eww, gross.

My daddy saw that and he asked me to went home, because of that accident. he didn't want me to meet drunk guy like that old man again and that's my fault for not asking Cameron his email or other to keep in touch with him. i just said goodbye to him and told him that my daddy already call me to went home. and he smile and said, see you again. i still remember that voice, when he didn't say GOODBYE instead of SEE YOU AGAIN. i really hope i can meet him again :)


  1. Well, I wish you guys can meet each other again. Hihi...btw the story so sweet. :)

  2. thank you anon :)