Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Missing Air Asia QZ8501

it's so heart breaking to hear that Air Asia flight QZ8501 from Indonesia to Singapore went missing and after 3 days, they found it on sea. and there were no survivors. my deepest condolences goes to victim and their family.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


hello peps,
do you guys notice that i change my blog theme?
what do you think about it?
i still dunno whether i'm gonna use this theme or not
tell me what your opinion ok? :D

P.S :

here's some pics for you peps

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Gift Exchange

hellow guys............

2 days ago me and my friends did Christmas Gift Exchange to celebrate Christmas this year.
as usual, me and my Bacots start it with lottery (our usual way) and look what i've got. a cute ceramic cup which i can use for drinking my fave cereal. happy? sure i am!!! 

we also went to Hanamasa for early Christmas dine together. too bad one of Bacots, Cemara couldn't come to join us.

Merry Christmas ♥

Merry Christmas people

have a great day ahead

God bless you all 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Creepy Pasta

so i've been reading Creepy Pasta for this past 2 days. and you know what? i'm scared to hell! these story is scarier than any other horror movies i ever watch. why? maybe because in movie, we just watch it without imagining how it would be happen next, whereas in creepy pasta, we read the story and we start imagining things. 

as you know, your imagination can take you everywhere and do whatever you wants. well, the first time i read creepy pasta is about SSHSHSHSH, where the story is about two kid who met a really scary old woman. i fine with that until i read about The Rake and saw the photos. shit! i'm scared to much after i the photos part. also when i read about the story in woman restroom, if i'm not mistaken the title is 'There's Something About Ladies Room'. God, maybe i imagine it too much till i acn't even close my eyes when i take my shower. maybe i won't read it again btw. 

just remind you guys, if you're not brave enough, then do not read it. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Flavita's Brother Wedding Reception

so, last Sunday (14 Dec 2014) me and my Bacots went to one of our member's brother wedding at Caspia Function Hall at WTC Mangga Dua. and the wedding reception is good. especially, the food. nyummy!! my stomach is never enough for that. lol. unfortunately, the place is a bit narrow, but i love the pool outside. here are some photo of us at the wedding :D

Monday, December 15, 2014

Internship Report Is Over!!!

aloha people!!
i'm so so so super duper ultra happy today!!
because i finish my internship report!!!
no more typing until my back hurts and staring at my laptop for night and day
no more waiting for lecturer till evening

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kitty Kiss

aww, look how cute this kitty is. few days ago, i met a kitten and it mom when i was on my way to uni. as you know, i go to uni by walking because my uni is near with my boarding house also i need to take a walk too. hehe, so, when i was walking with my ipod, i found a kitten and mom, the kitten's mom was breast-feeding the little cute kitten and it looks like they're hugging. and when i saw it i was like, "OMG!!!!! they're so cute!!!!" ❤️ and as i took out my phone to capture this perfect picture (i like to capture pictures, fyi) the kitten saw me and as soon as it can, hide behind the mommy. too bad i can't take pitures of them, but i still feel grateful that i can see the beautiful love between that kitten and it's mom


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My New Sport Shoes

i'm so happy today!!!!!
finally, i bought my new sport shoes.

beautiful isn't it?
i've been waiting for this shoes since last month, and after saving my money everyday, finally i can bought this is.
oh, and i'm gonna named it baby Pum. why? because it's brand is Puma, so, i guess baby Pum fit it best.
and i love the colour too. i choose this because most of my friends have shoes with pinky colour in it, so, i choose this one because i like being different. nyehehe XD

Picture That I Like Part 3

Picture I Like Part 2