Wednesday, December 3, 2014


as you know, i went to capital city and tryin' to stand alone for my own lives (sounds dramatic), yes, it is. and just fyi, i don't even have television on my boarding house, sad? yes, it is. i can't even watch tv and if i want to i need wifi to stream the tv channel and sometimes my wifi doesn't work. bad signal especially on rainy day.

and here i am, sitting alone in my own room and in this time, i'll text all of my friends just have some chit chat - ing with them. and suddenly my hometown friend text me first and said "i miss you Rosa, please come back soon"

do you know how do i feel that time? EXTREMELY MISSING OUR MOMENTS!!! our game, our evil behavior, what we did at school, went to each other house just to have lunch or dinner then going back home.

and i just can text her "i miss you too, please bring me home T_T" and i feel so sad and solitude. i miss her and our memories. as you know, i'm on my way to achieve my college degree and this is my last year. and this is the time when i have so so so many works to do, including looking for job. plus i must finish my apprenticeship report which must have 100 pages on this middle of December.

i just do not know if i can go back to my hometown or not and i already miss my girls so much. i really hope i can go back soon to hometown and meet them before i work and don't have much time to go back to hometown. look how alay we are >.<

me and Feny Chen / Ma Feny a.k.a Penys Chen

 me with Merysah Wang a.k.a Merz

 me with Yunico Natalia a.k.a Yuyun

 my best buddy : Jimmy
(he's coming back this holiday. yey!!!)
and nah, we're not dating XD

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