Saturday, December 20, 2014

Creepy Pasta

so i've been reading Creepy Pasta for this past 2 days. and you know what? i'm scared to hell! these story is scarier than any other horror movies i ever watch. why? maybe because in movie, we just watch it without imagining how it would be happen next, whereas in creepy pasta, we read the story and we start imagining things. 

as you know, your imagination can take you everywhere and do whatever you wants. well, the first time i read creepy pasta is about SSHSHSHSH, where the story is about two kid who met a really scary old woman. i fine with that until i read about The Rake and saw the photos. shit! i'm scared to much after i the photos part. also when i read about the story in woman restroom, if i'm not mistaken the title is 'There's Something About Ladies Room'. God, maybe i imagine it too much till i acn't even close my eyes when i take my shower. maybe i won't read it again btw. 

just remind you guys, if you're not brave enough, then do not read it. 

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