Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kitty Kiss

aww, look how cute this kitty is. few days ago, i met a kitten and it mom when i was on my way to uni. as you know, i go to uni by walking because my uni is near with my boarding house also i need to take a walk too. hehe, so, when i was walking with my ipod, i found a kitten and mom, the kitten's mom was breast-feeding the little cute kitten and it looks like they're hugging. and when i saw it i was like, "OMG!!!!! they're so cute!!!!" ❤️ and as i took out my phone to capture this perfect picture (i like to capture pictures, fyi) the kitten saw me and as soon as it can, hide behind the mommy. too bad i can't take pitures of them, but i still feel grateful that i can see the beautiful love between that kitten and it's mom

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