Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hiiiii people, this time i wanna share about Panacotta. Since i have my free time now, i look for some super duper easy recipes and tadaaaa, i found this Panacotta and it's yummy. I'll give you the recipe below and you should try it and i guarantee you can cook it, cause even myself who suck at cooking can do it.

Here's the recipe :

You need :
  • whipped cream
  • fresh milk (plain)
  • sugar 
  • jelly powder / jelly powder
  1. Mix the jelly powder with 2 spoon of milk and then separate it, we gonna use it later
  2. Mix 3 spoon of whipped cream, 1 spoon of sugar (you can add it if you're a sweet tooth), and add 1 glass of hot water then stir well 
  3. After you stir it well, pour it in pan and boil it then mix ingredient no 1 and stir it about 2 minutes
  4. Switch off the stove and wait about 3 minutes till it cooler than put in on the cake mold then serve it.
  5. You can add it with chocolate sauce or powder, jam or fruit as a complement. 

This is my Panacotta result. Good luck and enjoy your dessert :9

Current Favorite Song


Hi guys, fyi, ini pertama kalinya aku mau ngereview film loh, and btw film yang akan aku coba review kali ini adalah MORTDECAI yang diperankan oleh Johnny Deep, Gwyneth Paltrow & Ewan McGregor. Demi apapun film ini recommended dan dijamin ngakak melihat aksi Charlie Mortdecai (Johnny Deep) dan asisten sekaligus pengawal pribadinya, Jock Strapp (Paul Bettany).

Film ini menceritakan tentang Charlie Mortdecai yang adalah seorang penipu seni yang ulung dan pintar, serta kaya raya, tetapi dirinya sedang berada di ambang kebangkrutan dan dia berhutang sebanyak $8.000.000 kepada negara. Di saat yang sama, kepolisian hendak mencari lukisan bernama Goya yang dikatakan misterius serta bernilai tinggi. Inspektur yang bertanggung jawab untuk mencari lukisan itu adalah Inspector Marland (Ewan McGregor) yang tak lain dan tak bukan adalah teman baik Charlie semasa kuliah. Ia meminta tolong kepada Mortdecai untuk membantunya sebagai ganti ia akan menghapus daftar kejahatan yang dilakukan oleh Mortdecai.

Dari sinilah petualangan Mortdecai dan  asistennya Jock mencari lukisan tersebut dimulai. Asli film ini patut ditonton untuk menghabiskan waktu atau untuk mencari hiburan karena dapat dipastikan Johnny Deep lagilagi dapat menghibur kita dan menampilkan aksi-aksi kocak. So, enjoy this film guys. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hi guys,

glad to see you again. I'm currently residing in Bali now. For good or bad, i don't even know.

People said Bali is heaven of paradise or somewhat else, but i don't feel like i belong here, it seems like i'm pretty screwed.

I don't even know myself anymore, what i want, what i do. It's like i'm just a living zombie here. Honestly, i just wanna go back to my life before. I miss Jakarta, i miss my friends, i miss everything.

I know people keep saying Bali is the best or else, but i don't know, i just don't belong here. I wanna go back. I like Bali but i don't like to live or stay here.

Bali is a great place to come, to relax or just vacation, but not for lived (for me). I can't stay here, i really wanna go back or runaway to others place.

For people with middle class above it'd perfect but for me nah, since i have to be frugal and i have to pay my own life, also searching for a suitable job for me, this place is definitely nah.

I don't really know myself now. i really feel like i'm a living zombie and just survive, not to living my fulfill life. I feel like nobody understand me, i just live by the pressure people give to me. How could i overcome that?

I don't really know myself anymore.....