Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hi guys,

glad to see you again. I'm currently residing in Bali now. For good or bad, i don't even know.

People said Bali is heaven of paradise or somewhat else, but i don't feel like i belong here, it seems like i'm pretty screwed.

I don't even know myself anymore, what i want, what i do. It's like i'm just a living zombie here. Honestly, i just wanna go back to my life before. I miss Jakarta, i miss my friends, i miss everything.

I know people keep saying Bali is the best or else, but i don't know, i just don't belong here. I wanna go back. I like Bali but i don't like to live or stay here.

Bali is a great place to come, to relax or just vacation, but not for lived (for me). I can't stay here, i really wanna go back or runaway to others place.

For people with middle class above it'd perfect but for me nah, since i have to be frugal and i have to pay my own life, also searching for a suitable job for me, this place is definitely nah.

I don't really know myself now. i really feel like i'm a living zombie and just survive, not to living my fulfill life. I feel like nobody understand me, i just live by the pressure people give to me. How could i overcome that?

I don't really know myself anymore.....

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