Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Lovely Puppy, Healthy Chen

Hello!!!!!! this time i'll post about my cutie puppy, my mini shitsu named Healthy, but i adding Chen at his name, haha. why? because my family name is Chen, and he's my dog, so, i often introduce him as Healthy Chen. not just Healthy.

First, why we name it Healthy? well, when we first bought him, we named him Cookie, so he can be so cute like cookie and i love cookies too. but i'm not gonna eat this cookie. haha. and  we don't know why, his body start to swallow and had fester. and everytime my mom cleaned it and put a balm on it, its recover just for a day or a week and then that thing grow again. so my mom decided to change his name into Healthy and hope that he'll always healthy just like his name.

After that, we brought him to doctor and got his vaccinated. the doctor said that he can't eat chicken cause he's allergic to it. funny right? till now, he's the first dog that i know allergic to chicken.

Till now, Healthy is so fit. just like his name. no wonder my mom always said that your name also make who you are. is it? well, i don't even know and i don't have any idea bout this honestly. and he likes to travel by car and sleep at our bedroom with us. haha, he's act like a kid really, also, he likes to play with my mini doll, so i must give it to him, or he'll steal it from me.

and this is some photos of my cutie puppy, Healthy Chen, enjoy :

  Healthy while sleeping at his box with Keleng

 Healthy among my dollies

 Healthy is smiling

 Healthy among my piggy dollies

 at my parents' bedroom

 first time he use his collar

when he look at me 

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