Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Hola guys, this time i'll write about my favorite fruit. i know you guys must know it already. it's banana. yep, my favorite fruit is banana, especially banana juice, banana milk, banana milk, oh my God, i'm starving already. but i don't like fried banana. why? well, i don't even know. LoL

This time i want to let you guys know the function of banana, and fyi, banana is so useful for our health and beauty. here are some of banana's function :

see? that's surprising right? i didn't know that banana is so healthy. and this just make me love banana even more. and, from what i read on magazine, banana can make us feel happy too, because it produce an essence that can make us feel happy, and not being so moody. so, friends, let's eat banana for our health and beauty.

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