Friday, September 13, 2013

Friendship Never End

hi guys, sadly to said, that i fight with my 2 bestest friends today. and its really awful. i don't know how to say this, just yeah, you must know it without my explanation. i don't know how or why, just like, i feel empty without them. i like them, a lot. we're being friends since our junior high school one, it means already for 8 years and almost 9 years.

well, i know we'll still be friends after this fight, but, i just don't like to have fight with them. hiks :'(

but, again, some fight are worth to show that we still can hold on and trust each other. just like usual :)


now, we already know what the problem is, peace were declared and we're still best friends forever!!!

don't care how many fought we had,  in the end, we still hold on, believe, and love each other just like before and it grow stronger now :)

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