Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Simple Ways to be More Attractive

1. Eye Contact

When you keep smiling, don’t forget to notice your eye contact. Eye contact will help you to up your attractive. It helps you to look friendlier. Shy people are not easy to do it, but it’s possible! Take a deep breath and take it at one time. Try with someone or people that you are already know. Then you can improve it with stranger. Then, look at people in eye!

2. Keep the Smile on Your Face

Life gets hard and it’s like we’ve got the sharp end of the ugly duck stick. However, we want to look more attractive. Here are the simple tricks: Smile. When people see you are smiling, it’s like you are so friendly, easy going, and happy. Throw your gloom away, no matter what sad or stressed you are. Then, you’ll bring positive feeling for others. They will love you.

3. Relax

When you are standing in front of people, what do you feel? Getting nervous? Feeling unconfident? Worrying what people are saying? Avoid those things! Or you will be unattractive person. Killing them by keeping relax. The more you can relax, the more people will be interested in you. While it’s not easy, you can practice it in front of the mirror or people you are already know. Take a deep breath and be confident. People will get you!

4. Take Care of Your Facial Hair

Whether you are males or females, it’s necessary to keep your facial hair tidy and clean. People will attracted by your cleanness. For the guys you must shave your face, keep your facial hair neatly trimmed and sculpted, and then get rid of those hair in your nose and in your ears. For the girls you must shape your eyebrows for it will affect your appearance when you apply makeup on your face, it really helps your look! You’ll be amazed.

5. Walk Confidently

After keep smiling and keep your eye contact, walk confidently. How? How? Avoid walking limply like you do not exist! Keep your eyes on, otherwise. Keep your head up and relax. Practicing so will help you to look more confident around people; also, you will attract them. It’s not you are as the most important person; however, it’s not a cocky.

6. Wear Fit Clothes

To be fashionable, people especially girls always wear upcoming clothes. Unfortunately, most people make a big mistake by wearing unfit clothes. It makes them uncomfortable sometimes. Here, I’ll help you! Wear the fit clothes only. Avoid baggy clothing, oversized, and tight clothing. If your weight is your problem, just choose fit clothes for your body then you’ll be amazed that you look 10+ pounds lighter. You can ask your friend to help you frankly.

7. Make Yourself Smells Good

To look more attractive is not only about your appearance, but also your scent. Can you imagine, if you are standing beside a person having nasty body odor? Ouch. Instead, everyone love standing beside people who smells good. Do these simple things to be smells good; take a shower regularly -means every day, use deodorant after having shower, spray the cologne, brush your teeth when you are taking a shower and after eating, see a doctor regularly for cleaning your teeth or if you have odor issues.

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