Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Don't Judge People By Their Religion

First, i want to say that i'm not a religious person. I am Christian, but i don't go to church everyweek, sometimes i went to club and have fun. i drunk and i hangover. but still, i trust in The Lord, i still pray to him everyday i wake up and when i wanna go to sleep.

I always have Obelus with me wherever i go. that's enough to prove that I'm a Christian. but again, don't judge me because i went to club and get drunk, when i didn't go to church on Sunday, or etc. just because i do that thing, doesn't mean its forbidden for me to go to church. why not?

You can't judge people because of their RELIGION. just because i'm a Christian, doesn't mean i must go to church everyweek and don't try to force me to go to church everyweek. that's frustrating.

FYI, i don't care what your religion is, as long as you are respect and doing good to me, then it's ok. I believe there's no religion that teach their people bad thing, they always teach the good one. it just the people who do bad things on their own. not their religion.

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