Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Be Grateful ♥

I just wanna thanks God for everything i have. i'm so grateful for this beautiful life. i know i'm not a good person. i seldom go to church, sometimes i forgot to pray but still, i'm so grateful and proud to be a Christian and having Jesus as my God.

Even i can't see Him, i know He's always here with me, beside me, everytime, everywhere. He always cheer me up when i'm down, always help me when He know i can't face my problems anymore.

why i wrote about this? well, I've been so frustrated this past few days. i have my own family problem which i can't tell everyone, even my besties. i just feel like i'm so doomed. i don't know what to do anymore. it's my family problem, and i can't discuss this with my Mom, cause i know, she's already stressed with this and i don't wanna adds the load to her anymore.

I feel so confused. my family problem, my college, my work, everything! i felt like the problem comes to me all at once. i don't know what i should do, till i remember a video about God, i watched it last month and honestly, i'm touched. really really touched.

This is the video, feel free to watch :

i do realize that God always be with me all the time, beside me, everytime, no matter what happen. Then i start to pray, i tell God everything i face about, my family problem, my financial problem, my college problem, what i worry about, everything. after that, well, i still feel depressed but not like before. i feel relieve a little after i told God what i feel. The feeling you get when you have someone to talk to.

Few days later, God shows me His miracle, someone called me and told me that i don't need to worried about my financial anymore and stay focused on college cause she will be my sponsor. oh My God!!! can you imagine how happy i am? i don't need to burden my parents anymore. that's sponsor really relieved me from all my problems, like family problem and college problem.

I do believe God also intervened. this is His way to help me and to told me that he's always with me and He'll help me everytime i need Him. It's His way to told me to not be afraid and keep strong to face my problems cause He will never ever leave me alone.

Also, God always give me what i want, it may not all at once, but yet, it is. He give me older brothers which i always want because i'm the first born child in my family, also the first born grandchild on both side family.

Last but not least, i just wanna thanks God for everything i have, for every miracle that happen to me and my family. i'm so grateful to having Him as my Savior and My God. Thank you for always being with me, beside me, comfort me and helping me facing all my problems. I LOVE YOU GOD ♥

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