Saturday, November 14, 2015


Moving to Bali make me miss all of my friends at Jakarta, one of them are my brother (s). Not my real brothers but my guy friends and i assume them as my brothers already. I guess they assume me as their little sister also, the annoying, troublesome and talkative little sister, lol. It's because they are older than me and i'm the youngest one among them. What can i say, they're so kind, loving, and a good brother. I love them so much, all of them. I thank God for them, i always want a brother when i was a kid and when i'm alone in other city, far from my family, God sent them to me. Right on time, Thank you for this blessing God. Here's some picture of us 

Me with Afung

Me with ko Andree a.k.a Ajan

Me with ko Indra

Me with ko Tio

Left to Right
Ko Cete, Ko Jojo, Ko Felix, Ko Hendrik a.k.a Blacky, Ko Ajan, Me, Ko Jamed (the ones beside me)

Me with Ko Bebek a.k.a Ronald

Me with Ko Jamed and Ko Yeye a.k.a Ferrari

Left to right :
Ko Jojo, Ko Ewin, me, Ko Yeye, Ko Jamed

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