Monday, April 27, 2015

Paul Walker

i don't know what happened to me

i don't know why

but as soon as listening to see you again song which Fast and Furious 7 dedicated for Paul Walker, i feel so sad and i wanna cry

my tears want to come out without i even realize

i can't stand how beautiful their friendship when i saw Wiz Khalifa made a song for Paul, when Vin Diesel sing for Paul

me, personally do not know about Paul Walker so well

i just know that he has a role on Fast and Furious as Brian, just that

until the day i heard that he die on car crash accident and i thought the crew will be surprised for a while and that's it, its over.

but not with this one,
i feel like i can feel how Vin Diesel feels about Paul Walker

Vin Diesel even named her own daughter Pauline so he can always remember Paul by her daughter name

and when i listen to see you again, the lyrics really make me sad, also the last scene of music video that show Paul and Vin drive together and separate

Gosh, maybe this is the first time i really touched by movie actors friendship

their friendship is real and Wiz Khalifa really can show us how he felt and missed Paul so much by that song

and i want to say, even i don't know who you are before i watched Fast and Furious, but i missed you too Paul Walker

i read a lot article about you and you're a really good guy

and i guess i know why your friends miss you so much

goodbye Paul Walker,

you will be missed

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