Friday, December 13, 2013

Catching Fire

what i doing this few days is reading The Hunger Games Trilogy and now, i'm on my second book now : Catching Fire. Oh God, this book is awesome. i borrowed it from my friend. i must say that THESE BOOKS ARE AMAZING!!!!

I watched this movies and i imagine every single detail that i remember from the movie to this book and i realize there are some parts that they didn't include on the movies. they cut that part and change it, well, just like Harry Potter. They change some parts and i must thankful that i read the book so i know the complete and the original story, not just what i saw on the movies.

I really can't wait till i read Mockingjay. oh Gosh, i can't wait to know how this Hunger Games gonna end. especially when i watched Catching Fire and i don't like the end. it's like "huh? just that? you gonna end the second game just like this?" so... cause i can't wait to know how this Hunger Games gonna end, i decide to read the book and i can't endure not to say "THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED"

You guys must read this book and i must say that im so amazed with how Suzanne Collins, the writer, tell the story.

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